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Jeff Cohn

Keller Williams’ driving passion and purpose to keep agents at the heart of every real estate transaction has impelled the company to invest $1 billion in the most innovative technology the industry has ever seen. That’s one of the main reasons that Jeff Cohn and his team – the No. 1 team at Berkshire Hathaway […]
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A Life Unlimited

At the core of Keller Williams is a conviction that who you are in business with matters and that the company we keep can contribute to our lives in untold ways. To illustrate this, Nicole DeMiglio shares how a single act of kindness was paid forward in spades, creating a ripple effect of generosity true […]
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Owning Results

When you own the results of your business you not only own the profits that you make, but you own the profits that you share with others through philanthropy. Tune in to learn how to harness your finances by working backwards with Gary Keller’s proven method, the profit principle.   The profit principle is the idea […]
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14 Thank-You Note Templates to Show Your Clients You Care

In this age of technology, digital thank-you notes are gaining more acceptance. Yet, a card received via snail mail still excites the senses and is a thoughtful reflection of your time and effort. A handwritten thank-you note to your clients can help you stand out from the volume of digital communications. It is also a […]
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Engaging Talent

Hiring is hard enough already, but how can you be sure you’re hiring talent that brings your business a twofold return? Today’s episode walks through the process that allows entrepreneurs to become true business owners by hiring talent that is motivated to move up the ranks. Talent is someone who is a good fit for […]
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5 Common Business-Planning Pitfalls

As a KWU instructor, I love teaching other agents how to plan for success: It is by far one of my most rewarding experiences. And, as a real estate agent, I enjoy learning firsthand what works and what doesn’t. It allows me to teach with experience, not just conceptually. Throughout my career in the field […]
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